Product Info & Sizing

Please note, most of our costumes and lingerie are imported from the USA, and arelabelled with sizing which needs to be converted to the Australian equivalent. But be assured we’ve done all the guessing work for you, so when you receive your product which may be labelled a different size to what you have ordered, be assured that we have sent you the correct size. We always convert all sizes to the Australian equivalent.

Determining your size

We understand that size and fit are not only on our minds but on the minds of every online shopper out there!
Whilst we are working on a better way to ensure our customers are comfortable with using our online experience to find their ideal size and fit, in the meantime we recommended finding your perfect fit by measuring yourself with a soft measuring tape and using our guidelines in the image above. This is a good place to start when you're unsure of your current size.
Still unsure? Reach out to our customer service team, we will do whatever we can to answer your questions! Whether that be measuring the garment for you, or have one of our team try on the product you’re interested in, and send photos to you, we will do what it takes to make your customer service experience unforgettable!