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Couples Costumes, BFF Costumes, Group Costumes

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      Matching Couples Costumes in Australia

      Dressing up is more fun when you do it with someone else! Be the coolest, sexiest, most photogenic pair for Halloween or your next fancy-dress party when you shop for couples’ costumes at Shop Fortune!

      When it comes to dressing up, couples' costumes are all the rage. And why wouldn’t they be? What’s more fun than dressing up with your partner in crime and showing off your creative costume ideas to the world? Whether you’re looking for something funny, cute, or just plain clever, we stock the best couples’ outfits around. No matter what type of couple you are, there is sure to be a matching costume that is perfect for the two of you.


      So get creative, have fun, and make a statement with our huge range of matching outfits. Remember, get yourself a discount when you add 2 costumes to the cart. Simply add the code COUPLES15 for 15% off your couples’ costume! Shop now.

      Take Sexy Matching Hot Couple Costumes to The Next Level

      You and your partner have been planning your matching outfit for weeks. You know you want to do a couple’s costume, but you're stuck on what to do. You want to do something different this year, and you want a couple’s costume that will make everyone do a double take – so you need to take your couples’ costume choice to the next level. 

      If you and your partner are the life of the party, then you’ll want a couple’s costume that is sure to get a few laughs. A perfect couples’ dress-up idea is to go as your favourite TV or movie characters. Choose a couples’ outfit set that is sure to melt hearts – think Disney’s Princess Jasmine & Aladdin, Fred & Wilma from The Flintstones, Mario and Luigi, cops and robbers, or any other famous couple – we have it all! You might even take out the Halloween King and Queen Competition as a matching pair.

      Pair Up with Our Amazing Couples Outfits

      If you and your partner are the kind who like to stand out from the crowd, then you’ll want a couple’s costume that is a little more unique. A great option is to dress up as pop culture references. For example, you could go as the twins from The Shining and turn heads everywhere you go!

      We stock the best selection of couples Disney costumes, with all your favourite fairytale and storybook characters. We also have everything from nurse and cop costumes to more unique options like a hot dog and bun costume, or a banana and monkey costume.

      No matter what you are looking for, Shop Fortune has the perfect costume for you. Take your partner costumes to the next level this year and check out our huge range online now.

      For more information or help with couples’ dress-up ideas, call us on 0450 188 003, email, or live chat with us between 9am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

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