Product Care

Want to know how to love your costumes & lingerie, and show them some care to make them last & look their best?

Lingerie & Playwear

Always wash your lingerie and delicate playwear in a wash-bag to protect from being damaged. The clips & suspenders should be fastened on your garments when placed in the washbag to protect hooks from damaging other delicate garments and from rubbing on the drum of your washing machine.

Also, a little extra love can sometimes be needed for satin and lace. We recommend a cold gentle machine wash in a wash bag or hand wash if instructed by care label due to delicate materials. Always check the instruction care label to be safe.

Please Note: There are exceptions to the above and they are clearly labeled with a hand wash label due to diamantes or other fun things!


After the fun of trick or treating, your sexy fancy dress outfit might look a little worse for wear – fake blood in particular can be a nightmare to get out! It may be a little smelly too – spilt drinks don’t smell so pleasant after a while... Eeek!

Here are our top tips to ensure your outfit is spotless (and scary for all the right reasons) next year:

Check the label first! Your outfit may need to be dry-cleaned or hand washed. If neither of these symbols are featured on the garment care label it should be fine in the washing machine - just be careful to choose the right temperature and wash with similar colours to avoid dye transfer.

Spray tan or spilt red wine? Don’t leave these stains to fester, act immediately! Treat the affected area as soon as you can with a sponge and some mild soapy water to try and get the stain out asap!

Also, don’t hang your costume up to dry! Lay it flat! Your costume will keep its shape a lot better this way than if you hang or peg it out to dry. Most Halloween costumes are made out of a synthetic fabric which can’t be ironed, but laying flat right after washing will ensure it dries as crease-free as possible.

To ensure that your favorite Halloween costume looks just as good next year, be extra diligent about storing it properly.Our costumes are delicate and attachments or different parts should be hung with your costume so the material doesn’t stretch. Place them in a plastic garment bag and store in the closet until next year, to be sure that it gets a chance to scare again!

Please Note: There are exceptions to the above and they are clearly labeled with a hand wash label due to dangly bits, ribbons, sequins and or other fun things!


Sexy hosiery vamps up an outfit, but they can be prone to rips, tears and other elements which wear them out. However, with a little love and care, follow these tips to keep your stockings and tights in good nick!

Now, straight after you rip open the packet, give those stockings a gentle stretch! This helps the material get ready to be put on and stretched onto the body. Be patient when pulling up your tights, remember, they are not as durable as your favourite pair of jeans. First, make sure your nails are smooth and you have no sharp jewellery on, then, bunch or scrunch one leg together and put one foot in, pull the tight up to your knee. Repeat the same step with the other leg, stopping at the knee. Apply the same method to pull the rest of the tights up over your thighs and hips.

So you’ve got your stockings on, but no matter how well you take care of your tights or stockings when you’re wearing them, you can ruin them in just one wash! Our insider tip is to only wash your hosiery when needed! We recommend hand-washing your tights in cold water because the fabric is just a little too delicate for the machine washing! But if you absolutely must, because you don’t believe in hand washing, pop them in a lingerie wash bag and avoid putting the tights in with anything that they can snag on, such as zippers, hooks, clasps, or any metal parts or heavy-duty clothing items.

Once washed, please we beg you, do not wring them! These over stretches the material and you will be left with what looks like you nannas knee caps! Instead, just squeeze them very gently, and lay them over a clothes horse. Our last little tip, and now we are yelling, DON’T TUMBLE DRY, this is death to hosiery! The heat of a tumble drier will damage hosiery with elastic or hold ups with silicone tops, so say NO NO to the tumble drier!