Pirate & Wenches Costumes

Plunder in style in one of our Sexy Women's Pirate Costumes at Shop Fortune! You won't need a treasure map to find the booty here! We've got a trove full of Women's Pirate Costumes for your next Pirates & Wenches Costume Party or Halloween Event! If you're looking for a costume from a pirate movie or a pirate film, like Pirates of the Caribbean or Treasure Island, we've got it! Fancy yourself as a bit of a boss wench?  Our beautiful and sultry women's pirate costumes will have you standing out from the deckhands! From puffy poet shirts,  sexy ruffled skirts, rakish bandannas, gold earrings, three-cornered pirate hats, pirate eyepatches pirate swords and velvet coats, our costumes are bold and sassy (so you can throw away the classy!). Set your sails for sexy, swashbuckling adventures as we ship your pirate costume and pirate accessories with fast, free* shipping from Brisbane to all over Australia!