Classic Halloween Costumes

So you consider yourself more of a woman with a classic sense rather than a culture vulture? Then forget internet meme costumes, and opt for a more Classic Halloween Costume at Shop Fortune! We've got a vast selection of ghoulish and spooky costumes that will be forever cool, rather than a trend that was hot for like 5 min! Offering the best in sexy Classic Halloween Costumes, from a sultry witch, creepy clown or smoking hot devil, our sexy selection offers it all! Other freakishly cool and horrific ideas include vampires, sexy voodoo dolls or the walking dead zombie costumes. Find Halloween costume inspo from fan-favourite cult classic films and TV shows such as a glammed-up Wednesday Addams, or sexy Beetlejuice! All you need is a classic Halloween Costume from Shop Fortune, and YouTube makeup tutorial along with our great fake blood special effects,  to enjoy your trick-or-treating fun!