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    Buy Fishnet Stockings and Hosiery in Australia

    Whether you’re looking for full stockings, pantyhose, anklets, or fishnet stockings in Australia, Shop Fortune has a wide range of hosiery online to choose from....

    We want our customers to feel empowered, sexy, and liberated, so it’s important to us to stock a vast range of pantyhose that appeal to women of all shapes and sizes. We’re committed to helping our customers unleash a new part of their personalities and wear our hosiery with confidence.

    Our range of sexy fishnet tights and fashion hosiery online should be worn to make a statement! We have a range of designs to help accentuate every figure. Take a look through our stunning range and buy hosiery online in Australia now.

    How To Shop For Sexy Fishnets and Hosiery Online

    Whether it’s for a costume, party, sexy lingerie, night out on the town or a fun twist on a bold outfit, we’ve got you covered with our selection of hosiery online in Australia – with pantyhose, stockings tights and leggings to choose from.

    We believe in playfulness over practicality, and choosing the right style is a whole thing. You want a pair of pantyhose that are the right colour, length and style, and they need to be sturdy enough so as not to rip on the first wear. Take a look through our selection to create your next stunning outfit or costume today.

    Fishnet Tights

    It’s no secret that a pair of fishnet stockings can make even the most demure of women feel incredibly badass and edgy. There is just something about these that make us feel empowered, bold, and sexy.

    After getting your fishnet tights in Australia, there are a few ways you can incorporate them into your day-to-day outfits.

    • With a playsuit. Collared playsuits are fun, especially when they’re made of materials such as denim or linen. Adding a pair of fishnets and some boots creates a statement look that will leave you feeling powerful.
    • Under ripped jeans. Stockings under jeans may seem counterintuitive, but when you have rips in your denim, a peek of fishnet can add that little bit of edge.
    • Under denim shorts. A pair of cut-off denim shorts over the top of your fishnets paired with a band shirt creates an easy punk look perfect for every day.


    These are a playful addition to any outfit and seem almost whimsical in their simplicity. The right pair of anklets can create depth and make an outfit intriguing to the eye. They look great with:

    • Day dress. Paired with heels, anklet stockings bring a cheeky charm to a simple dress, making them perfect for sunny picnics.
    • Flowy midi skirts. Usually when wearing a bohemian skirt, you’d go for sandals or boots, but wouldn’t think of pairing them anklet stockings. Doing so brings whimsy to your overall look.

    Our Style Tips

    Whether you choose to pair your stockings with shorts or a skirt, try matching your fishnet tights in Australia with your blazer or jacket for a fun vintage look. Bonus points if you belt the jacket! We also recommend:

    • Colour: Black and nude may be the more traditional choices, but don’t be afraid to mix it up. We’d love to see more people embracing high-quality pantyhose in more daring colours!
    • Monochromes: Monochromatic looks are sophisticated and chic. Why not add another layer by incorporating a pair of coloured pantyhose?
    • Consider your overall outfit: Thigh high stockings are perfect to wear with denim skirts. Whatever you do, however, keep your pantyhose well away from velcro if you want them to look nice for a long time. 
    • Sizing: If your pantyhose are rolling down at the waist, it’s a great indicator that you need to go up a size for maximum comfort.
    • Material: Some brands of tights use more flexible materials, making their products one-size-fits-all. However, other brands will have size guides on the back to help you find the right pair.

    How to Choose the Right Thickness

    A lot of people get confused when the word ‘denier’ pops up – probably because people use words like ‘sheer’ and ‘opaque’ interchangeably. Put simply; denier measures how thick your tights are.

    Denier can range anywhere from 5 to around 750-800 denier. We’ve created a handy guide below to help you choose your tights in Australia:

    • 5-10 denier: Anything below 10 is considered ultra-sheer. These tights will be fragile and won’t provide much warmth.
    • 10-30: Sheer tights fall into this category. Many of the styles we stock are between 10-30 denier. We find sheer stockings to be an incredibly sexy addition to any outfit!
    • 30-40: Semi-opaque tights tend to be a bit thicker, but still sheer enough to see your leg beneath.
    • 40-70: Tights in this range are considered opaque. They’re more suited to Australian winter months as they offer a bit more warmth.
    • 70-150: If you live in a colder part of the country, you may want the added warmth that thicker opaque tights can offer.
    • 150-400: These thick pantyhose are considered as thermal tights and can sometimes be fleece lined for added warmth.
    • 400-800: You won’t need pantyhose of this thickness in Australia unless you’re planning on visiting Antarctica or the Arctic.

     If you’d like to browse our full selection, check out our website today.

    Why Buy Hosiery Online In Australia?

    With Shop Fortune’s range of high-quality hosiery online in Australia, your outfits will never be dull! We’re proud of our range of hosiery and fishnet tights in Australia, and we’re committed to offering our customers premium-quality and premium service.

    Whether you’re looking for fishnet tights online in Australia or quality thigh-high stockings, we have something to cater to your needs. Buy hosiery online, and have it delivered discreetly to your door.

    Order before 4pm, and your sexy fishnets will be shipped the same day. For more information, get in touch and contact us today.

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