Mehron Pirate Tri Colour Make Up Palette

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Yo ho, yo ho! A pirate's life may not be the life for you, but it's fun to play dress-up for a day!

Make your swashbuckling costume look a little extra with this Mehron Tricolour Pirate Makeup Palette! Including three basic colours, black, white and red, and a double-ended applicator, use the easy to follow instructions on the packaging to take yar pirate or wench look to the next level! Needing some extra inspiration to make your Pirate Makeup look Arrrrr Amazing? Follow your favourite Halloween makeup tutorial to create a super-sexy or ultra-creepy pirate, or get inspired by a classic movie (Captain Hook or Pirates of the Caribbean, anyone?)!

  • Contains three complementing colours of our Professional Cream Makeup to create the character pictured on the packaging.
  • The packaging of each Tri-Color Palette gives you a detailed photo of the character that can be created along with detailed instructions on how to apply the Professional Cream Makeup in your Tri-Color Palette.
  • Makeup is easily removable with soap and water.
  • Mehron makeup is made in the USA & not tested on animals.