Mehron Paradise Glitter Gold 7g

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Drip in glitter glow at festivals with this festival season essential!

With an intense hit of sparkle for your face, hair & body, Mehron Paradise Glitter Gold is the perfect festival accessory! This shimmering glitter produces bold, dramatic effects! Paradise Glitter reflects light with a brilliant, sparkling lustre! Drip in glitter glow at festivals with under the eye glam glitter tears or on the cheekbones for a club night ready reflecting highlight! Or sprinkle to the root part of your hair braids for a cute insta look! On the body, dust this over your collarbones and shoulders for a sexy shimmering effect! This Mehron Paradise Glitter is made with designer formulas, giving it a high-intensity pigment and metallic shine!

How to use this product:
  • Carefully pour Paradise Glitter onto a clean, dry surface and apply with fingers or brush.
  • Glitter can be sprinkled on or pressed on, depending on the desired effect.
  • Available in a 7g size and a full range of vibrant colours!
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free