Sexy Costumes

Are you looking for a certain escapism, and a chance to live out pretending to be someone or something else for a few hours? Let your alter ego loose in our selection of Womens Sexy Costumes from Shop Fortune. Putting on a costume is an exhilarating experience and a chance to take on a more daring persona! We know that if costumes make you feel more confident, you're going to be sexier! The opportunities to play sexy adult dress up are endless, between Halloween Parties, Club Parties, Cosplay Conventions, Fancy Dress Parties, and Fetish Parties, we've got a wide range of sexy costumes perfect for both fancy dress parties and naughty nights in the bedroom too! Sexy Costumes are a means of 'mood-enhancement dressing', guaranteed to lower your inhibitions and boosts your self-confidence! Shop Fortune's collection of chic, figure-flattering costumes are guaranteed to bring fire to your naughty radar by just a notch! Why not add finishing touches to glam this party up! Make a sexy statement in a wig for your euphoric novelty, and add seductive thigh highs and hosiery to complete your look!